Friday, February 7, 2014

People Are Moving to North Carolina!

It's obviously not just me that thinks North Carolina is a great place to live.  United Van Lines Annual Migration Study lists North Carolina as #3 for most inbound moves.

Life in North Carolina gives you incredible coastline on the east and the Great Smokey Mountains in the West.  Taking you from sea level to an elevation high of 6684 ft on the top of Mount Mitchell.

We are the home of Nascar, NFL's Carolina Panthers, NHL's Carolina Hurricanes, NBA's Charlotte Bobcats and Golf with 40 courses right here in our backyard.  We are also home to many college teams that have an avid following of fans.  We are true "Carolina Blue" Tar Heel fans but do have a Duke fan or two here in our company!

Our climate here in the Piedmont area tends to have average temperatures in the 90's in summer and 40's in winter.  But if you need snow you can head to the mountains and in 4 hours to enjoy or craving the perfect shrimp burger you can be there by lunch if you leave at 10 a.m.

Whether you like top chefs such as Emeril, great wine or country barbeque you will find it here in North Carolina.

People come here for a visit and never go home!  Ready to find your new home in North Carolina check it out right here!

Thank you United Van Lines for sharing this great information.

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