Friday, January 31, 2014

Snow in Southern Pines / Pinehurst, North Carolina

There is so much talk about the recent snow here in the Sandhills.   Being a former northerner who would scoff at such troubles in minimal snow, I must say, southern weather has been an eye opener.

I would say we had a bit of ice with two inches of snow.  Research on the internet states we have 5.2 inches per year on average.  I can say that has not been the case in the last several years but you just never know when we might get a bit more to make up for the years with a bit less.

What makes us different here, and why people think we are crazy, is that we just don't have the equipment to handle the snow.  The day before snow is predicted the roads are treated with a salt brine and after the snow the major thoroughfares are plowed.  The rest of the roads are taken care of by mother nature in a day or so when temperatures creep back up.

With that said it snowed Tuesday evening and today, Friday, we are back in the 50's and the snow will be gone tomorrow.  No shoveling, no back pain.  Just a few quiet days to enjoy the scenery.

Snow in Southern Pines

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