Tuesday, February 25, 2014

5 Reasons it is Better to Buy than Rent

5 Reasons it is Better to Buy Than Rent

  1. Equity.  You can't build equity in a rental property, but you can by owning it!
  2. Tax Deduction.  Your rent payment is not tax deductible.  Contact your tax advisor to discuss deducting the interest portion of your mortgage payment
  3. Fixed Payment.  Do you find your rent increases each time your lease is renewed?  With a fixed rate mortgage, the principle & interest payments never go up.
  4. Pride.  An apartment can feel like only a place to stay, but a benefit of owning your home is the pride of your own home!
  5. Additional Tax Benefits.  As part of owning a home versus renting, you may be eligible for tax credits for improvements and other tax incentives.
Stop Paying Your Landlord's Mortgage!  Build Your Equity! 

With rates still at incredible lows it is time to start building equity in your own home.  Many renters can afford to buy a home but don’t realize it.

Are you thinking that you need a lot of cash to buy a home?  That your monthly payment would be more than you can afford? 

In our area we are still in a buyer’s market.  This market has given first time home buyers much more buying power.

There are many mortgage options available today.  If you are ready to open the door to home ownershipo call us and let us put you in touch with our preferred lender, Jason Brooks of Movement Mortgage.  Towering Pines Real Estate can help you start looking for your home today!

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