Thursday, October 9, 2014

How to Pick The Right School for Your Child

Moving with children can be an overwhelming task. Finding the right school where your child will thrive is one of your most important decisions.

Factors to consider when choosing the best school in Moore County for your child:

Best School in PinehurstSchool Size
Class Size
What is the student performance?
What percentage of students are performing at or above average?
How does that percentage compare to the entire district or state?
What is the school's safety?
How many suspensions?
School Attendance?
Students access to books
Students access to technology
How many classrooms are connected to technology?

There is no need to worry about finding this information.  You can access all of the school information at NC School Report Cards.  Whether you are looking for the best school in Pinehurst, the best school in Southern Pines or absolutely anywhere in the state of North Carolina simply visit NC School Report Cards.

Towering Pines Real Estate looks forward to helping you with your move!

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