Saturday, August 2, 2014

Low Cost Spay and Neuter in Moore County

In 2013, Moore County announced a new initiative to reduce and eventually eliminate the need for euthanasia in the Moore County Animal Shelter.

In 2013, the county shelter took in 3200 animals and sadly 2199 of these dogs and cats were euthanized.  Moore County has created FIX’Moore, a fund to help provide low cost spay and neuter.   FIX’Moore has already made an impact and has seen lower intake numbers at the shelter. 

You can help today with the continued success of this program by making a donation to the FIX'Moore Fund.  For information on how to make a donation please visit their site at 

If your home isn't ready for a pet and you would rather volunteer at the shelter they would appreciate your help.

And always remember if you are looking for that special new family member to visit the animal shelter to adopt your pet.  They are easy to find at 5235 US Hwy 15/501 in Carthage.

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