Thursday, March 6, 2014

Deer Problems in the Garden?

There has been plenty of news coverage about our growing deer population in the Pinehurst area over the last several months.  Now that garden season is almost upon us we need to start making plans of not only what to plant but how to keep it!

Here are three simple choices:

You can fence your garden with a tall fence.  A 7 foot fence is what is typically recommended.  Keep in mind that deer can jump higher than this but usually do not want to.

Or you can scare them by spraying fox, coyote or wolf urine since deer are afraid of predators.  Be sure to reapply often. 

You can also fend off the deer with repellants.  Try spraying your plants with a hot pepper spray or try placing human hair around the garden.   Deer like plants they find tasty and easy to eat.  You can also place plants they see as a repellant.  A few annual plants you can choose are alyssum, begonias, foxglove, geraniums and parsley.  If you would rather plant perennials try some lantana which will bring the butterflies or use plants you will use to cook with such as rosemary, chives, garlic, mint, or thyme.

Happy Planting!

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