Wednesday, February 24, 2016

FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital

Does the Pinehurst, North Carolina area have a good hospital?  As a Realtor that is a question we hear often.

If your move needs a strong hospital, Moore Regional Hospital is the one for you.  Located at 155 Memorial Drive in Pinehurst near the circle that connects Hwy 211 and Hwy 15/501, this hospital is convenient to all area towns.

Here are a few of the rankings:
Our rankings show just how satisfied we are with our hospital here in Moore County!

To learn more visit their website First Health of the Carolinas.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Favorite Burger in Pinehurst / Southern Pines Area

If you ask this question on Facebook or any forum you will only get a few options from area residents.

My favorite is the Barcelona Burger at The Bakehouse in Aberdeen.  The Bakehouse is an incredible bakery.  Amazing pastries, breads, cookies, and the best spot to order that special occasion cake.  In addition to the bakery are 12 tables that fill up very quickly for lunch.  Small menu at the Bakehouse but everything is done well!

As I said my favorite is the Barcelona Burger.  This burger has spinach, onions and cheese and is placed on one of their house made rolls and topped with their secret garlic sauce.  Served with chips and a side salad.  Oh my!  Top it off with one of the desserts in the bakery case and you will always leave with a smile!

They are open for both breakfast and lunch and located at 120 North Poplar Street in Aberdeen, North Carolina.  Enjoy your meal by watching the bakers through a glass window preparing beautiful desserts.  Be sure to get there early since being featured in Our State Magazine the line starts quickly.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Upcoming Vote for 1/4 Cent Sales Tax

We all know that a penny doesn't go very far today.  But if we act as a group 1/4 of a penny can do wonders.

Moore County Board of Commisioners is requesting a 1/4 cent sales tax increase on the March 15, 2016 ballot.

What does a 1/4 cent increase look like to the purchaser?  For every $100 purchase it equals 25 cents.  $300 purchase equals 75 cents and $500 adds an additional $1.25 to your purchase price.

What does a 1/4 cent increase look like to Moore County?  This would add an additional $2.2 Million annually!  Moore County plans to use this increase to help fund new schools and needed renovations in existing schools.  Moore County Schools has 10 projected plans identified by priority.

While we never like our bills to increase this simple tax will not be applied to gas or groceries.  As stated above, the 1/4 increase will raise an additional $2,200,000 while a penny increase to property taxes in Moore County would only raise $1,183,307.

This increase has already been adopted by 10 nearby counties.  But the choice in Moore County is yours on March 15th!  Vote either [  ] For  or  [  ] Against!